Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Kadir Bin Othman

Vice President (Publications)

Abdul Kadir Othman is currently a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Management (FBM), UiTM Shah Alam. With regard to my educational background, I obtained my Diploma in Public Administration from Universiti Teknologi MARA which was then known as Institut Teknologi MARA in 1995. After that, I continued my education at the same university and was granted a Bachelor Degree in Corporate Administration in 1998. I pursued my education at Master’s level at Malaysian Graduate School of Management of Universiti Putra Malaysia and was conferred a MSc in Management in 2001. After graduation, I joined UiTM Terengganu as a lecturer and was assigned to teach a variety of subjects comprising Introduction to Business, Administrative Office Management, Interpersonal Communication, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Research Methodology and Personality Development. After five years service to the faculty, I was given a scholarship to pursue my studies at PhD level in UiTM in the field of organizational psychology and completed it in 2009.

My involvement in research and publication started when I was in UiTM Terengganu. I managed to complete seven research studies and made a number of publications during my tenure at this branch campus. My effort in this field intensified when I was transferred to UiTM Puncak Alam in 2010. So far, I have received several research grants including from the Ministry of Education such as RAGS and FRGS, as well as from organizations such as CFM, MTM and MPC. I have completed quite a number of research studies and published more than 50 research articles related to human resource management, service management, knowledge management, and health administration. These articles were mostly published in peer reviewed international reputable journals, comprising Visions-The Journal of Business Perspectives, Asian Social Science, International Journal of Business and Management, International Journal of Business and Society, Australian Journal of Basics and Applied Sciences, Business Management Quarterly, Journal of Social Sciences and others.